Life Coaching + Consulting


I help clients gain clarity on what they truly want in their lives, relationships and in their careers.

I assist them as they determine their next moves.

I help clients go from good to great, making them feel more meaningful, purpose-driven and successful.


Life coaching is not therapy.

Life coaching involves overcoming the obstacles that get in a clients way to personal and career success.  But it is not “therapy.”

So…. what is it then?

It is working together with clients to help them identify what is and is not working in their lives — using inquiry and tools.

It is teaching clients to enhance what is uniquely right for them so they can live happier lives and/or have more successful careers.

And just as important, it is giving clients the tools to eliminate or minimize the things that are not working well in their lives.

It’s sharing with clients the life tools that can help them identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hinder their growth and personal achievement.

It includes helping them define their goals and come up with actionable plans to achieve them.

It is guiding them into healthier, more successful practices and witnessing their growth.

It’s guiding them as they re-establish their passions and strengths & it’s helping them learn how to better celebrate them! fly away birdie tumblr It is not “fixing” a client’s life for them.  It is  giving them the tools and the confidence to problem-solve on their own, so that eventually, clients do not need a coach.   (Yes, that’s right….a good coach will coach herself right out of a job!) Thus, it is giving  clients the tools to thrive, and fly….


avery jumping

Orig. photo by Michelle Gillette,


  • Helping clients create goals and achieve them.
  • Helping clients overcome the obstacles that get in the way of their successes.
  • Helping women identify and address the road blocks that are preventing them from achieving and  maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • Helping clients transition into a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and prioritize wellness.
  • Helping mothers find more fulfillment and a sense of relevancy in their daily lives.
  • Helping mothers who may want to start an exciting new endeavor or re-enter the workforce, but aren’t sure what to do or how to do it.
  • Helping parents accept and embrace their children for exactly who they are (not just who they want them to be.)
  • Helping clients embrace and celebrate “mid-life.”
  • Helping executives find more fulfillment in their work life and create actionable plans to become more successful.
  • Helping professionals distribute their products strategically, increase sales and grow their businesses.
  • Helping professionals achieve greater life/work balance.



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