Franne Golde Collection & The MUSIC MENDS MINDS Org Featured on Fearless Females


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Janet Gunn & Michelle Gillette model the Franne Golde Collection to benefit MUSIC MENDS MINDS, a charitable org addressing degenerative brain disease

The mission of MUSIC MENDS MINDS is to support the mind and spirit of people affected by neurological disease, cognitive decline, and PTSD through musical groups.

MusicMendsMinds is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to serve seniors and patients afflicted with PTSD, cognitive decline, and neurodegenerative disease including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and stroke, for which there is currently no cure. Their vision is to build musical support groups in an effort to use music as “medicine for the mind” while creating social support networks crucial to their members’ well-being, and providing a joyful outcome for the patients, their families, and caregivers. Their Organization has recently launched a total of 7 bands, including their “Band of Heroes” on the campus of the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs in the “Home for Heroes”, an inpatient mental health facility.  Their mission includes an intergenerational component, which brings local student volunteers and musical students to play and rehearse with our senior band members. This fosters a valuable relationship where the seniors can mentor the students, for mutual empowerment and engagement. Recent research demonstrates that in spite of the disease processes, music storage remains intact for these neurodegeneration patients and can act as an alternate avenue of communication as well as being a possible preventative strategy for the delay of cognitive changes and decline. Statistically, we are facing an increasing pandemic of neurological disease and dementia as the population of the US ages, causing cost-containment as well as secondary health issues due to care-taking responsibilities. MusicMendsMinds is at the forefront of providing a unique and novel service, while pursuing a scientific component that will help advance their mission and spread the healing powers of music to all those who need it.

Music industry veteran and clothing designer Franne Golde shares her collection and her heartfelt story with Janet Gunn The Grateful Gardenia on FocusTV’s Fearless Females. Note: Franne Golde donates a portion of the proceeds to benefit MUSIC MENDS MINDS.


Hapy New year


Katharine top (hand washable/  drip dry)/  Pencil Skirt (hand washable/ drip dry)

On the set of FocusTV



At home

I basically LIVE in these “Magic Pants” by Franne Golde

Best travel pants ever (which doubles as everyday pants…and triples as dress pants)

This amazing performance fabric is like Shapewear but more comfortable than that! They allow you to move, bend, stretch, breathe. They are high-waisted enough that you are not revealing anything to others as you reach or bend down….and they come in 3 cuts, 2 colors and sizes 2-20. Adam Glassman of Oprah Magazine is who recommended them and titled them “The Magic Pants” which have been noted in Oprah’s magazine several times now. (My dog Henry likes to try to turn them into fur-pants with his snuggles….but that is what lint bushes are for. ) 😉


Use code MG15 for 15% off


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