Spotlight Series Interview with Laurie Cousins


Mindfulness-based Teacher & Mind-body Practioner

Laurie has a B.A. in Psychology, is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator through UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, and a trained Mindfulness-based Interventionist for Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention and Mindful Self-Compassion through UCSD Center for Mindfulness. She has completed the Trauma Resiliency Model training through the Trauma Resource Institute and is in the process of completing her hours for certification.

Since Mindful Parenting is a true passion and specialty for Laurie, she is honored to be the Mindful Parenting Facilitator for various schools where she leads weekly and monthly groups for their parents and caregivers throughout the school year.

As a Family Mindfulness Practitioner, Laurie provides effective strategies and support for families dealing with attentional, behavioral, and emotional challenges, while cultivating a more connected and peaceful home. She creates a customized support plan that includes mindfulness-based practices and parent-focused educational tools for each family to best serve their unique needs and interests. Laurie especially enjoys facilitating the Mindfulness for Family Program, at the Center for Mindful Living,



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