Paradise Patrol

I was sitting on a white sand beach when I saw it.

“Paradise Patrol” the boat said in faint blue letters.

But like life’s moments, it was zooming by so fast…

A blink or brief preoccupation and I would have missed it…

this perfect, message-bearing sea-farer.

Paradise Patrol

Who HAS this awesome job, I wondered?

And then it hit me

As I looked around me and saw men fiddling with their phones

wishing they could get reception…

And women, straightening out their beach cover-ups

wishing they hadn’t eaten that last bagel with cream cheese.

We all do.

We all have the job of being on our own personal paradise patrol


Wherever we are.

Because we are missing the moment

blinded by distraction

and made deaf by the noise in our head.

Even sometimes when the shining sun warms our shoulders

and the sea-glass colored water is sparkling in front of us.

Even then.

So tell me, what have you been missing?

And how can you be on your own Paradise Patrol today?

What bliss can you find, in the way a warm cup of coffee feels in your hands

or in the way your child’s eyelash butterfly-kisses his cheek?

What oasis can you find tonight by sliding into your soft, clean-smelling sheets

and lying your head down to rest on your favorite “just right” pillow?

We are indeed the captains of our own boats

with the option to patrol our own lives for beauty

and what we focus on will determine

the direction and the quality of our travels.

6 thoughts on “Paradise Patrol

  1. Hoooo! I’m lookink for all the occasion to patrol my paradise, sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it needs greater efforts, but it’s always worth it. I would love to be patrolling closer to that beautyfull beach your at right now….xxxenjoy tour vacation my friend xxx

  2. This ties in to my favorite saying about “gratitude” same idea, so true, everyday, everywhere, every moment! Can’t wait to hear about the paradise you are visiting. Hope you are having time to “unplug” ! XO Lisa

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