Post-Halloween: Mom’s Morning Off!

It’s post-Halloween morning, and all in the household seem to be carrying the zombie look into November. Tired bags under eyes that tell of a late bed time; bloodshot eyeballs that denote too much rubbing; wired-tired energy that advertise last night’s sugar-crash hangover; and limpy walks that tell of over-used, blistered feet.  And the house…oh my.  If Hannibal Lechter had a proclivity for zoology, this is what his house might look like: a cow’s head in the living room, pink udders on the bed, octopus tentacles strewn across the couch, and two dog-sized skunk furs in the laundry room.  In our house, they are all faux, of course…costumes that the kids were supposed to pick up before leaving for school, but they seem to have lost their hearing last night, along with their Almond Joys and mini-Snickers. (Okay, mommy may have swiped some favorites from the candy bag, but the kids’ hearing loss was voluntary.)

So, what does any sane mom do in this case?

Clean the house of any animal parts and candy wrappers?  Change the face paint-residue-stained pillow cases?

Hop up and make a nutritious breakfast of spinach and eggs to offset the high-fructose corn syrup laden cavity bars that they ate the night before?

Pop up, get dressed and drive carpool?


In my house, it’s mom’s morning off.  (That’s right.  Send me your poison arrow darts now…I’m that bad. Unless…WAIT!  Maybe…I’m onto something?)

For most moms, October is shell-shockingly busy.  We don’t expect it because it’s just October. But October means getting back into school and sports full force…and planning for Halloween.  We all know that involves countless conversations, negotiations, efforts, decorating, trips to the store, school parties, candy eating, costume planning, trick or treating…yada yada yada.  And that’s not even the bad news:  from here until around January 5, it just gets busier (…school conferences, Thanksgiving, the holidays, you know the drill.  I don’t even want to list all the obligations here because you will stop reading.)

My point is this:  Plan a break for yourself. You deserve it and it will help you stay healthy.

Oh I know, I know “You don’t have time.”

Bullshit.  Make it happen.  (You make it happen for everyone else, why not you?)

For those of you out there who think running yourself ragged gets you brownie points in heaven, know this —  it’s very likely that you will postpone your visit there if you make the time to care for yourself now.  (And if you need a doctor’s note — Dr. Christiane Northrop will give you one.  She’s done the research.  Look it up.)

Steal away one morning for yourself, so you can just….be.

Set clothes out, set the table, make breakfast the night before so all you have to do is push the toaster lever down the next morning.

Arrange for someone to drive carpool for you the next day so your kids can be dropped off to those poor, patient souls – the teachers.

Take a half-day off work…whatever you need to do to make it happen and plan your morning like you would for your best friend.

For me, this just meant pounding down some vitamin C, kissing the kids goodbye as they hopped into somebody else’s car, and then going back to bed in a darkened room.  I zonked out for 2 extra hours, all nuzzled up with my nuddle blanket. It meant an extra long, hot shower with nobody coming in to interrupt it with “mom, you need to sign this.”  It meant a great cup of coffee, reading a chapter in my newest book, and now typing this…only because I love to write.  It’s almost noon now, and I’m off to lunch with one of my best friends.  Life will resume its warp-speed pace after lunch today, but at least my immune system will be re-charged by the extra sleep, self-care, great food, nourishing environment and the laughter that always accompanies time spent with my friend Audrey.

So…think about it.  When is mommy’s next morning off?

PS- sorry for any typos, but I’m off duty.  xoxo

2 thoughts on “Post-Halloween: Mom’s Morning Off!

  1. As usual Michelle, you are right on the dot. My kids are almost grown ups now and I don’t have to carpool anymore, but I still kept the ¨mom day off¨ routine…I juste forgot what I was doing it for in the first place. Thank you for making me remember 😉 No haloween costume to put back in the costume chest, no pillow case to change…but candy wrapper are all over the house. And guess who’s fault is it you think? Not my 15 years old son, not my 14 years old deaf-theetless dog. My husband! He’s crazy for Rockets candy rolls. So I find the wrappers scattered all over the house, mostly next to the TV control…and the computer…on the entrance console…oups! One on the floor. Some get older and then some get younger I guess! I would have love to go have dinner with you today, it would have been nice to laugh out loud with someone else than myself…keep writhing one day there will be a book…I feel it comming.

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